Coaching Services


I work face to face and remotely to support ambitious individual and team sports athletes at all stages of development. Athletes with high aspirations and commitment, desiring an individualised approach towards mastering technical excellence and maximising physical abilities are those that will succeed when working with me. 

Using an athlete-centered approach I tailor individual programmes to meet your specific needs. Together we will integrate: 

  • Technical Training

  • Strength & Conditioning 

  • Self-Maintenance and Performance Therapy 

  • And lifestyle management 

As a team we will share accountability for training and performance successes and failures. Coach, Athlete and Support Staff - each with their individual role, each responsible for upholding their part of the process. 

My Training Process…

All of my programmes are underpinned by the principle that… 

First we teach you to move efficiently… 

Then we make you strong in those movements… 

And finally we make you fast…

A simple process that produces excellent results. Faster, Stronger, Further.

How do we start working together?

If you think you are ready to commit to a performance driven training programme and take the next step towards success then use the button below to get in touch.

  • I am happy to work with individuals on a one-off or short term basis.

  • Athlete’s or teams who would like to work with me on a longer term basis, we will go through a short getting to know each other period to start with and then make an assessment on whether we would work well together before any commitment is made.


Most complaints of dysfunction or aggravation can be related back to a muscle tightness or immobility somewhere else in the body.

Treating the symptom is one thing, finding and correcting the cause is another. Using a combination of; Sports Massage, Osteopathic Techniques and Exercise Intervention I will find and address your issue at its root cause to minimise re-occurrences as opposed to just treating the same symptom repeatedly.

Fees: £60 for 60 minutes | £30 for 30 minutes | Students £20 upto 60 minutes


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