Corporate or Event Massage Services

If you wish to hire massage services for in office treatments or events please view the information below and submit an expression of interest. 

Prices are per therapist, in situations such as large events where more than one therapist is required I am able to put an experienced team of qualified practitioners together to meet your needs. 



For corporate or event massage services there are two options available: 

1. Full Day - £400 

Time period: 5-8 hours onsite 

Break: 10-15 minutes every 90 minutes

2. Half Day - £250

Time period: 1 - 4 hours onsite

Break: 10-15 minutes every 90 minutes 

Treatment periods:

Every location, event or company is different and has different requirements or requests. How treatment is best delivered to suit individual needs can be discussed after an expression of interest is made. 


Expression of Interest:

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